dates on the cheap | take a hike

I'm not really into nature. I don't like camping, I don't like being dirty, and I definitely don't like bugs. So I was surprised when last year I started going on hikes with my husband and I didn't hate it! (Last year, my favorite hikes were in Malibu Creek State Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Zion Canyon.)

A few years ago, I would have never thought of hiking as a date idea, but now I see the benefits:
  1. Encourages a healthy, active lifestyle. 
  2. There is plenty of time to connect with your date in a meaningful way. It's just you and nature!
  3. Hiking is low-key and unpretentious. There's no fuss or hassle. 
  4. You're exploring and having an adventure together surrounded by the wondrous beauty of creation. So romantic. *Swoon*
  5. It really doesn't get much cheaper than hiking!  
Last weekend, the hubby and I went on a little mini-hike at this huge park near his parent's house. We had no idea these trails existed, but we were happy we stumbled upon them! We had so much fun and felt good about ourselves for getting some exercise in the nice, fresh air. It was an easy, relaxing day date that didn't cost us a thing! We're excited to discover some more places to hike this year!

What do you think about hiking dates? Do you have some great trails in your area? Any recommendations for some stunning hikes in Southern California? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to check out bedsidesign for Christie's cheap date idea! It's a good one!